Player Registration

Thanks for registering for our weekly 50/50 draw supporting TDC! You will receive an email within 48 hours assigning you a play number, which you can then play weekly at one of our collection sites, or pre-pay for multiple weeks! (The welcome email will further explain both of these options!) Players can register and play multiple numbers, but each number can only be played once per week.

Thank you for your support, and GOOD LUCK!

By hitting "submit", I agree to the following rules and conditions.

All players must be Nova Scotia residents 19 years of age or older; proof of age and residence may be required in order to collect winnings.
Numbers remain registered unless requested to be removed by players, or if a player does not qualify to play under our rules (i.e. no longer lives in Nova Scotia, not 19 years of age or older). Numbers must be played by Monday nights to be entered in weekly Tuesday draws.
Players will receive a welcome letter by email (if address is provided) to confirm registration, as well as weekly emails with winners and lottery updates. Winners and updates will also be announced on Facebook.
To play each week, players must visit a collection site and place a toonie (with this registered number attached) in a collection box.
Players can also pre-pay to be entered automatically for multiple weeks by cheque/money order or at collection sites (must be in a clearly marked envelope labeled with name and play number).
Each number can only be played once per week. For more chances to win, multiple numbers can be registered. If more than one toonie is played in a week for a single registered number, only one toonie will be counted in the draw and additional plays will not be carried forward.