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In April 2014, the Weymouth and Area Division merged with the Digby and Area Division. The Municipality of the District of Digby provides operational funds for both areas, which are now combined within one budget. Passenger services and fares for Weymouth and area residents remain unchanged.

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In 2010, Transport de Clare proudly launched the Weymouth & Area Division, with a 14-passenger bus and a Volunteer Car. Prior to the launch, the Transport de Clare Society met with community groups, service organizations and municipal leaders in Weymouth.

The decision was made to proceed with expansion into Weymouth, and a Feasibility Study was completed and subsequently approved by Service NS and Municipal Relations. This added a potential service population
of 4,094 persons.

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The registered fare within the Weymouth area is $20.00 round-trip. Beyond the Weymouth area, the rate is 75¢ per km. The dispatcher will advise you of the fare when you call to book your ride. 


As planned, at least one voting Director from the Weymouth area serves on the Transport de Clare Society Board of Directors. 


Drivers, paid and volunteer, are from the area and are well known to their fellow community members. Volunteer drivers, using their own vehicles, occasionally take able-bodied seniors and persons of all ages to medical appointments. Use of a local, smaller vehicle reduces mileage costs.



“Running the Roads Since 1996:
Community Based • Community Owned • Community Driven”