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The Rural Transportation Association (RTA) is a provincial organization representing rural, community-based nonprofit transportation services across Nova Scotia. Transport de Clare is one of RTA’s founding members.

As of April 2014, RTA has 14 member organizations with more preparing to become operational in the near future.

The RTA is actively focused on developing policies, sharing best practices and advancing the interests of rural transportation providers that offer pre-booked, door-to-door, accessible transportation to all residents of Nova Scotia,

with priority given to seniors, persons with disabilities, and those with transportation barriers. 

For more information, visit the RTA website:


“Running the Roads Since 1996:

Community Based • Community Owned • Community Driven”

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                       “Driven by Volunteers, Run by Donations”
                                          (Transport de Clare’s slogan from 1996 to 2005)

If you wish to make a donation, you can send it by mail to:


Transport de Clare

RR 1, Box 175

Church Point, NS  B0W 1M0


If you own a business or belong to a Service Club and would like to become a corporate or organizational community sponsor, contact:

Claredon Robicheau at 902-769-2474 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of available options. 


Many of our sponsors pay an annual fee to have their logo displayed on one of our vehicles. Transport de Clare provides a   professionally designed and custom made replica of your chosen logo. 


Launched at a time when the concept was unnamed and unheard of, Transport de Clare remains the only community-based transportation service in NS that sustained itself for most of its first ten years solely by the efforts of volunteers and community sponsors.  


Their continued contributions of time and funds enable us to provide subsidized rides for those most in need. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Community Service Clubs, Corporate Sponsors and the many caring Individuals who help keep us on the road.

Our vehicles proudly display the logos of many of our sponsors.


Transport de Clare is a registered charity, licensed and regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. We are able to issue receipts for income tax purposes. (Registered Charity #85550 6192 RR0001)


All trips, subsidized or not, are valued. Subsidized trips answer to various client needs such as medical, personal, work, and recreational.

They also provide other tangible benefits such as social inclusion, economic and social development and community wellness.


Thank you/Merci!



“Running the Roads Since 1996:
Community Based • Community Owned • Community Driven”

Digby Sponsors:    
Clare Sponsors:    

Welcome to Transport de Clare

Transport de Clare, Nova Scotia’s first nonprofit, community-based transportation service, is now serving all of Digby County in SW Nova Scotia through the Clare and Digby and Area Divisions.


Our mission is to provide safe and affordable door-to-door service to seniors, persons with disabilities, economically disadvantaged persons, and those

with limited or no access to a motor vehicle. Transport de Clare also offers
a variety of transportation options 
to all members of the communities
it serves, including:


Door-to-door Scheduled Round Trips School and Institutional Contracts
• Charter Trips (9 or more passengers)  


Transport de Clare serves clients with a fleet of wheelchair accessible 14-passenger and 18-passenger buses as well as 9-passenger vans. In addition, we use “Volunteer Cars”


To reserve a ride call our dispatcher 

Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm

Local Clare & Weymouth Callers: 769-2477

Long Distance Toll Free: 1-888-769-2477


RESERVATIONS REQUIRED (24-hour advance notice)

Use the email and/or contact form for general inquiries only!

Call for bookings



“Running the Roads Since 1996:
Community Based • Community Owned • Community Driven”