MON - THUR 8am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm;
          FRI 8am - 12pm


Transport de Clare offers its services to ALL RESIDENTS of Digby County, with priority given to seniors, persons with disabilities,

the transportation disadvantaged and persons on fixed incomes. 


Dispatch available Mon. to Fri. 8am to 4pm


CALL 769-2477 or TOLL-FREE 1-888-769-2477


24 hours advance notice is required.


Our dispatcher will answer your call and ask for your name and phone number, your address, where you’d like to go and the date and time you need to be there. The dispatcher will also ask if you require a wheelchair or other assistance. Please advise the dispatcher if you need to make more than one stop on your trip. 


The dispatcher will then check the schedule and let you know if a ride is available. You will also be informed of the cost of the trip. If you cannot afford the fare, the dispatcher will tell you how to arrange for

a subsidized ride.


On the day of your trip, you will be picked up AT YOUR DOOR and taken to your destination. When your trip is completed, you will be dropped off at home again. Drivers will assist with carrying groceries and parcels,

if requested.


Non-essential trips (shopping, errands, etc.) are combined, when possible, with daily scheduled round trips to keep costs down. Shopping trips usually allow for 3 or 4 stops and generally do not exceed two hours. 


The sooner you book your ride, the better. If you make an appointment, even months ahead, call right away and leave the driving to us!



“Running the Roads Since 1996:

Community Based • Community Owned • Community Driven”